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Security companies aim to hire the best guards and administrative personnel. They’d prefer to keep them around as well. Recruitment software can assist you in finding the ideal people with less effort while also enhancing employee retention.

What is recruitment software and how is it part of an HR software suite?

Consider recruitment software as a means to automate all of the redundant, manual effort that goes into the hiring process while boosting outcomes. Recruitment software streamlines practically everything, from drafting and publishing job descriptions to sending out job offers, leaving you with only the operations that require human participation.

Typically, recruitment software connects with a larger HCM (Human Capital Management) software suite by providing data and analytics to other programs such as employee engagement and payroll. It also feeds employee data straight into these other systems, so you never have to enter it twice.

Assume you have security workforce management software. In that situation, your HR recruitment software may be able to feed personnel information into other systems as well, avoiding unnecessary data entry and providing a holistic view of your security firm.

The main benefits of recruitment software for security firms

Security companies aim to hire the best guards and administrative personnel. They’d prefer to keep them around as well. Recruitment software can assist you in finding the ideal people with less effort while also enhancing employee retention. It can also alleviate bottlenecks in the employment process, eliminating superfluous labor costs, and helping you avoid audits with tax reporting tools. Read on to learn more about the advantages of recruitment software.

1. Prevent and even predict real labor cost problems

Overtime prevention

Nothing affects your security company’s overhead like unforeseen overtime charges. Your HR software can help you avoid these costly blunders by alerting you during scheduling and shift changes and forecasting when you need to handle employee shortages.

2. Reduce the likelihood of IRS, Department of Labor, and ACA compliance audits

To avoid fines and penalties, staying in compliance with tax regulations used to require a lot of physical labor. Yet, HCM recruiting and reporting software removes the majority of the complications in reporting, making compliance simple.

Higher turnover and special tax reporting requirements present additional hurdles for the security industry. Certain HR software suites are expressly intended for security reporting requirements, saving hours that could be spent on more essential matters.

With automated notifications that indicate eligible staff members and display remaining hours, HR compliance systems can also help you avoid losing track of employee eligibility over administrative periods. For example, if any of your guards are eligible for benefits, you’ll receive the appropriate reminders to ensure compliance and meet employee expectations.

3. Avoid administrative bottlenecks with ease

Manual processes that are clumsy can stymie the recruiting process. That is why automation is so important in eliminating bottlenecks that often add weeks to the hiring process, and it is especially effective when you need guards and administrative personnel in days. HR recruitment software may immediately remove obstacles that inhibit talent management firms from hiring the suitable personnel.

Application times

Application processes should be as quick as possible. According to a Paycor study, if your application takes more than 10 minutes to complete, you may lose 50% of your applications. A solid HCM software solution will include methods to reduce application times by minimising processes such as asking applicants to log in and providing quick application templates to work from. The registration process is an unnecessary bottleneck that adds time to the process and is unnecessary for prospective employees.

Keep in mind that other security companies are fighting for the same employees. Reducing application time, for example, helps ensure that you have the best opportunity of recruiting top physical security professionals.

Offer letters

Avoid using HR software that allows you to send offer letters directly from the system. Instead of expecting prospective employees to find a printer and scanner or attend in person, request an e-signature.

4. Increase employee retention

There’s no doubting that personnel turnover is a problem in the security sector. Guards either work in security for a short time or realize that their jobs are insufficient in some way. Thankfully, HR recruitment software may assist you in retaining staff in a variety of ways.


Employees can get disengaged in their work as a result of a lack of positive recognition. Although in-person praise and prizes are always appreciated, you can simply brighten a guard’s day by acknowledging them via mobile device or internet. Guards will feel more linked to your team and the overall workplace culture as a result of this communication, which will boost their feeling of purpose.

Reports and analytics

Statistics and analytics can help you discover where and why your guards are leaving. You can use HR recruitment software to compare salary and attrition rates to determine what wages are required to keep your finest guards and admin personnel. Examine absenteeism and other factors that influence employee evaluations.


In a world where the labour market is more competitive than ever, leading security organisations wishing to differentiate themselves must use HR recruitment tools. Taking use of the various benefits of recruitment software is equally important after deploying such a solution.

After all, software that streamlines the hiring process allows for the recruitment of as many qualified candidates as possible. And when you’ve found the appropriate personnel for the job, you don’t want anything to hold you back.

When you’ve secured critical individuals, don’t forget to take the required actions to retain them. You’ll need HR recruitment software for this.

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