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What trends will have an impact on recruiting this year?

  1. Enhanced soft skill screening will broaden your hiring pool.
  2. Business culture is still an essential consideration for jobseekers.
  3. Gender pay equity and diversity in hiring.
  4. Older workers (65+) becoming the fastest-growing employee demographic.
  5. Ready for a possible recession.

Measure Soft Skills for Hard-to-Fill Positions

Soft skills are important behavioural traits. They assist an employee in succeeding if they lack the necessary hard skills for the job.

Soft skills are hired for, while hard skills are trained for. You can benefit from customised assessments.

Make use of your ATS’s structured interviewing options. Make up behavioral questions to assess soft skills.

Company Culture

Take the initiative to create a positive business culture. It has an impact on all of your business operations. Determine your company’s culture, improve it as needed, and represent it in your recruitment marketing.

Gender Pay Equity

Determine whether or not your organization has gender pay equity. If it does not, you will need to work with your executive team to resolve the issue. There is no quick fix, but you must begin somewhere.

Gender pay equity (or its absence) has an impact on company culture, employer brand, and employee satisfaction.

Is your company keeping compensation disparities hidden? Don’t expect it to stay that way. In 2019, review platforms such as Glassdoor revealed salary disparities at a number of employers.

Congratulations if your organization has achieved gender pay fairness! Highlight this accomplishment prominently in your recruitment marketing.

Workforce Diversity

Hiring bias (both conscious and unconscious) stymies efforts to diversify. If your firm wishes to enhance diversity, it is up to you. Promoting diversity at your firm may be your team’s most significant contribution this year.

Baby Boomers Haven’t Disappeared

Everyone frequently talked about the importance of Millennials, Gen Y, and Gen Z in 2019 to 2022. But don’t write off the baby boomers just yet. They are still having an impact on the hiring landscape.

This is good news for businesses that have struggled to fill highly qualified roles. This often-overlooked demographic may contain perfect prospects. Develop a strategy with your team to attract and accommodate candidates of all ages.

The Economy Will Start Slowing Eventually

The question is not if, but when. We cannot avoid a recession permanently.

Companies will have to change their employment procedures when the recession hits. More unqualified applicants will contact employers. To isolate a qualified pool of applications, effective first-pass filtering will be required. Use bespoke questionnaires and knockout questions to automate this procedure right away. This should be possible with your ATS.

Create a plan in collaboration with company stakeholders. Explore how outsourcing, gig workers, and part-time jobs can help you weather the next economic slump.

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